Bridging The Design Gap

Let’s face it: developing your business has changed a lot in the last five years. The global pandemic accelerated those changes even more.
Having a digital presence is essential to creating or maintaining a thriving business in 2021. 

You’ve got the ideas, but not the know-how.

If you’re a business owner, creator, or entrepreneur who isn’t exactly tech or design savvy, you’ll probably find yourself hiring a graphic designer, digital marketer, web developer, SEO specialist, etc… to help grow and market your business. 

Branding a business can be difficult, especially if you and your designer aren’t speaking the same language.

Here are five simple tips to help you get the best results from your creative partnerships: 

1. Be Discerning
Do your research, develop a plan, and stick to it. When it’s time, take the lead. No one knows your business like you, and the less you know, the less everyone knows.

2. Avoid Vague Cliches
This is a big one. Avoid vague phrases like “Make it pop” or “I’ll know it when I see it”. “Popping” can be subjective and designers aren’t mind readers. The quickest way from point to point is a straight line. The more specific your feedback can be, the better your creative team can bring the vision to life. 

3. Elect A Point-Person
If you’re not the only one reviewing the work, elect a point person to have the final say in the feedback your designer receives. Don’t design by committee. Spare your creative team from every little change Karen in Accounting suggests. 

4. Practice Patience 
This process is a partnership between you and the design team you hire. You won’t have all the answers and neither will they. Be discerning (see #1), but don’t be a jerk. Practice patience as the process goes back and forth. 

5. Trust the Process 
No one will see your vision as clearly as you do, but you’ve hired experts for a reason. Trust their feedback and input. Don’t compromise your needs, but allow the professionals to do what they do best. You don’t know what you don’t know. 

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